Our Approach

At Summit we specialise in the Design and Delivery of bespoke coaching and training programmes

Our Approach At Summit Business Coaching

Accordingly at Summit we specialise in the Design and Delivery of bespoke coaching and training programmes for executives, senior managers and business owners. Our strength lies in supporting the individuals through the Implementation and Development process.

The Design

Prior to formal engagement in a coaching or training programme we firstly meet with you to ensure a full understanding of your individual and team specific requirements.

We will build insight and understanding into the business culture and the demands and constraints imposed on you and your business by the economic, regulatory and competitive forces specific to the business.

The Delivery

Delivery phase of the programme involves either a coaching or training approach.

Coaching involves working on a one to one basis or collective coaching on a group basis. Training programme can be designed from 5 but not more than 12 individuals at any one session.

The Implementation

The implementation is key to a satisfactory outcome, therefore follow-through is an essential prerequisite. You, the client are encouraged to focus on these individual or collective interventions to ensure that maximum performance improvement will crystallize on foot of the interventions.

The Development

Summit Coaching client relationship continues into the development phase with review, feedback and discussion to ensure that the specific interferences to corporate and personal goals are continually challenged and that personal and corporate performance is enhanced.

Our Clients

At Summit Business Coaching, we have worked across the business spectrum with long-established clients, in areas such as:









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