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Summit Business Coaching is a bespoke individual and organisational development consulting firm. We work with business leaders to recognise individual and team potential and thereby enhance performance levels.

Our executive coaching programme is highly effective by providing a one-to-one or group coaching approach .It is based on creating a collaborative solution based approach between the client and the coach.

At Summit Business Coaching we possess the practical experience and apply that knowledge across a variety of disciplines and organisations. Working as a partner with each client we work to develop executives and managers to become the best they can be and, as such, realise future leadership ambitions.

What is preventing you from achieving your organisational goals?

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Following on from our last posting online which was headlined, P=p-i. We continue with the maths driven formula again on this posting, where we discuss IQ+EQ>IQ. Usually, your IQ will get you in the door, get you the job but by understanding and being able to develop your own EQ it will give you the opportunity to maximise your potential and develop your career over the long term. In 1995 Daniel Goleman wrote a groundbreaking book titled Emotional Intelligence-Why it can matter more than IQ. Goleman defined EQ as, “the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and our relationships.” In the intervening period much has been written about EQ and over the years it has embedded itself into peoples’ minds. When managing high-performance teams EQ is based on managing your own emotions, being aware of others emotions, thereby enabling you to be a more effective listener and communicator, and ultimately make better-informed decisions. Your IQ may have been the primary reason why you excelled in college but when you enter the workplace your EQ may be more important in determining your success. Historically it was believed that if you had a high IQ, achieved good grades, went to college, and possessed decent technical job skills, you were well on your way to a successful career and financial success. However, we all know people who fit this profile yet, unfortunately, they failed to deliver based on the potential and natural abilities they possessed. Several research studies over the years confirm this. Firstly let... read more

Coaching For Performance

Recently a client asked me could I give him a simple definition of coaching and after some reflection, I said that the purpose of coaching is to take you from where you are to where you want to go. This formula firstly put forward by Timothy Gallwey simply encapsulates for me what individual and personal performance are all about, and how a coaching approach can be an effective way in helping individuals to achieve their goals. Breaking down the above formula Gallwey believed that: P = PERFORMANCE is equal to the p= POTENTIAL that an individual or a team has minus i=INTERFERENCES that are holding back the individual or the team from achieving their personal and team goals. According to Gallwey human achievement and endeavour is achieved within two arenas. The Outer Game and the Inner Game. The former is played in an external arena where individuals overcome the external obstacles in order to achieve an external goal. The Outer Game in the corporate world includes personal and corporate business goals to be achieved against a competitive environment often times heavily regulated. The Inner Game, however, takes place within the mind of the individual where obstacles such as fear of failure, self-doubt, low level of confidence and self-esteem may be encountered. We all have heard the expression of athletes being in the “Zone” or according to Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi being in “Flow” or being in the groove. When an individual achieves this state either in work or in a sport they become fully focused, totally engaged and become completely absorbed in what they are doing. To achieve a state of “Flow” a... read more