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Building Business Skills

Summit Business Coaching (SBC) was established in 2016 by Roy Barry, M.A. Applied Psychology-Coaching Psychology, MMII (Grad), C. Dip AF, Roy is also a member of the International Coaching Federation and the European Mentoring & Coaching Council.

Building Business Skills – As part of our ongoing series of day training programmes we now announce that our next day training programme will be launched on


Thursday 17th October 2019


Maryborough House Hotel, Douglas, Cork

The day-long programme will comprise three individual modules and will again be based on our unique “TRAIN-COACH”3i method. Collective training is provided to participants on 17th October and in addition a One-to-One coaching session is provided to each participant within one month post the delivery of the programme. This is an integral and unique part of the programme and in the past this feature has proven to very beneficial for the course participants. The coaching session is usually delivered in the client’s premises and it allows them to focus on the course content on a more bespoke basis.

By working through our 3i approach we endeavour to create an Integrative, Iterative and Innovative applied learning environment. 3i encourages a team environment, where ideas and concepts are explored and adapted according to individual needs in a practical way.

Course Programme

  • 9.15 a.m. Registration
  • 9.30 a.m. /11.00 a.m. Building Relationships Coffee
  • 11.15 a.m. /12.45p.m. Communication & Listening Skills
  • 12.45 p.m. Lunch
  • 1.45p.m. /3.45p.m. Negotiation Skills Coffee
  • 4.00 p.m. /4.30 p.m. Review

This course will be delivered by Roy Barry. Prior to setting up Summit Business Coaching, Roy held a senior executive position with a major financial institution working with clients across the business spectrum in sectors such as manufacturing, retail, hospitality, pharma, shipping and construction. Initially SBC provided One-to-One Coaching for its clients. However in response to our client’s requests we also developed a range of training modules and for more detailed information on these, please contact us for more information.

We now work with a broad base of clients in sectors such as Accountancy, Auctioneering, Banking-Financial Services, Construction, Insurance, Hotel, Legal, and Technology.

Course Programme 

Building Relationships

This module will focus on the importance of building long term internal relationships with colleagues within the business, and strong external long term relationships with clients and customers. It will focus on practical issues such as customer/client retention, how to network effectively and how to manage conflict, stay calm and in control.

Participants will learn to understand how they interact with others, be able to identify their blind spots and areas for personal development.

Participants will be introduced to the psychological concepts of:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Johari Window
  • Awareness of Body Language

Communication & Listening Skills

At Summit Business Coaching we tell our clients that:

“The Culture in an organisation can determine the quality of the Conversations that take place and in turn these can determine the quality of the Relationships and the quality of these Relationships drives the Performance and ultimately generates the Results achieved by the individual and teams across the organisation” Participants will be introduced to the concepts of:

  • Conversational Dashboard-Arc of Engagement
  • Conversation Triggers
  • How to Listen to connect and not to interrupt
  • Managing difficult conversations

Negotiation Skills

This module draws on the first and second modules to ensure relationships clear communication and empathetic listening are maintained in the negotiation process.

It is designed to enable course participants to understand the human interactions in the negotiation process. They will learn techniques to assert their positions while at the same time being fully aware of and managing the emotions that often form part of negotiation.

Participants will learn to work in a structured way through the negotiation process, through the 5 phases of Preparing, Opening, Proposing, Trading and Closing.

The key to this module is to encourage participants to prepare and plan in a structured way, fact find and know the other parties position, explore the options, manage objections build rapport and know where you are in the negotiation conversation.

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