Building Relational Capital With Performance Enhancing Questions

Building Relational Capital With Performance Enhancing Questions

Millions of conversations take place across the globe each day, indeed thousands of conversations take place across your global networks every day. It is claimed that on average we speak c. 16,000 words per day obviously some people talk a lot more and probably listen less. Given that we spend most of our lives at work then it follows most our conversations and words are spoken in the work environment.

We need to listen to connect with our colleagues, clients, customers and service providers. A study undertaken by Stanford University found that nine out of ten conversations miss their mark. Therefore 90% of the time, the message gets lost in translation or is misunderstood.

Conversations are not just about the words that are used or the data and information that is discussed. Within each conversation, there is a coded language a sometimes hidden language that is conveyed by way of the postures, emphasis, nuances and tone that the transmitter and receiver adopt.

In any organisation, people absorb the culture, they learn what to say, what not to say when and how to speak and relate to colleagues, but culture is key to performance. The module “Building Relational Capital and Performance Enhancing Questions” (PEC’s) ® is designed to create goals, give honest and regular feedback, improve connectivity and individual and team performance. The adoption of PEC’s helps to identify and develop the key how behaviours that lead to enhanced performance for the individual, the team and the organisation. While every journey begins with a single step, Effective Communication starts with having PEC driven conversations.

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