Summit Business Coaching is now advancing into its second year. During the last twelve months we have worked with business leaders and business managers. The engagements with our clients included established trading entities in the Financial, Insurance, Legal and Banking sectors and indeed we have also worked with start-up enterprises.

Modern technology has ensured that we live in a perfect storm when it comes to managing information flow and communication. But at the end of the day no matter how many emails have been sent, how many phone calls have been made, at a time and place we all need to sit down together and rely on our relationship, our communication and our negotiation skills. We need to be able to manage meetings in a timely fashion and have the resilience to bounce back when we are unable to achieve or goals or objectives.

In my previous career as a Manager and Regional Director in the Banking sector a key cornerstone of our personal approach was to build genuine, credible and long lasting relationship with our clients. Following my return to University College Cork where I completed a Masters in Applied Psychology, Coaching Psychology, I confirmed through part of my research that building long term sustainable relationships is indeed key to maintaining, developing and growing a loyal client/customer portfolio.

Now at Summit Business Coaching we ask our clients:

What specifically are you doing to build strong, credible relationships?

What skill sets do your client interfacing colleagues need to build sustainable relationships?

By enabling you to build better client connectivity we strive with you to release the potential in your business and so begins the coaching and training journey through personal engagement, having challenging conversations and sharing the feedback.

In simple terms it can be broken down into Performance, Potential and Interferences and how you manage People, Problems & Tasks. At Summit Business Coaching we continue to help our clients to drill down into the Potential within themselves and their business, to identify the Interferences that both personally and corporately can hold them back so as to enable them to release their Potential and maximise their Performance.

This brings us to our Psychology of Relationships programme which incorporates group training and one to one coaching conversations with the participants.

Psychology of Relationships

Our research has confirmed that the success of any business largely depends on how relationships are built, maintained and enhanced over time.

This programme helps individuals to understand how they interact with others in the organisation and enables them to effectively manage both the internal relationships with colleagues and external relationships with clients. By using well proven psychological modelling we create an awareness by the course participants of how they interact with others and how they can build long term credible relationships.

Some of our other programmes allied to this module include:

Communication & Listening Skills,

Negotiation Skills,

Time Management & Building Resilience

Managing Meetings

Other Programmes include

Presentation Skills

Appreciative Inquiry-A Positive Psychology Approach

One to One Coaching and 180 Degree Assessments

Examples of 1:1 coaching include working with clients in the pre-job interview stage and those who are transitioning into new roles in their organisations. We sometimes use the self-assessment 180 degree feedback which gives a clear picture of the strengths of the individuals and opportunities for further development.

Overall our programmes are designed for each client on bespoke basis using the long term business experience of the principal together with practical psychological tools that help create an insight into maximising human behaviours.

Based on our work and research we have concluded that strong credible relationships help win customer loyalty and enable outstanding performances to be achieved. Finally our relationships with our clients is based on C.H.I.T. (Confidentiality, Honesty, Integrity & Trust) so there are no names, no brands and no testimonials on our publications or website.